About Us

Leading the Youth since 2010

We are passionate about empowering our neighborhood youth into reaching their potential despite the odds against them. Our children face a multitude of challenges including but not limited to: poverty, hunger, domestic violence, abuse, trauma, fatherlessness (nearly 80% of our kids lack a stable male role model), violent crime, drugs, gangs, lack of emotional, academic and social support. We take a holistic approach to support our children by instilling education, mentors, life skills, leadership opportunities and financial guidance.

Who We Serve

We serve ultra at risk youth.  

What does this mean?  Most if not all our teens have the following risk factors:


of UPM families lack a stable father role model in the home


of our teens have

PTSD levels of trauma

• Low Resilience Scores

• Live in dangerous neighborhoods

• Parent only speaks English  

Creating a barrier to assist with school homework

• Low Grades and Reading Scores

• Being Held Back In School


Who We Are

Urban Promise Miami was founded in 2010 by best friends Ana Ojeda and Kristy Nunez.

It is based on the successful model pioneered in Camden New Jersey.

Dr. Ana M. Ojeda


Hon. Kristy M. Nunez


Staff & Partners

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Operations / Programs Manager


Therapy Program Director with Wellspring Counseling



Site Director with Our Partner Hope for Miami